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February All Breeds Bull Sale


Mala-Daki Chewbacca

LOT 465 
MD Chewbacca 

A powerful, solid red poll bull who weighed 498kg at 8 months. He is a heifers first calf that should not be overlooked.

Mala-Daki Eldorado R12

LOT 466
MD Eldorado R12 

A heavy muscled poll, black bull that should put plenty of carcase into his calves. He is also easy calving. 

Mala-Daki Bull Dozer S5.jpg

LOT 467
MD Bull Dozer S5

A homozygous poll, black sire that has so much muscle mass and a lovely wide hip. He is a pure carcase that will put that extra muscle into his calves. 

Mala-Daki Eldorado S23.JPG

LOT 468
MD Eldorado S23 

Solid red poll bull with plenty of carcase. Lovely smooth coat. 

Mala-Daki Ducati S18.JPG

LOT 469 
MD Ducati S18

A homozygous poll, solid red bull. We think highly of this young sire and have already used him in our herd. This bull has extra thickness and body mass, a bonus for any herd. 

Lucky Clover Rocket Man.jpg

LOT 470
Lucky Clover Rocket Man

One of only two bulls by TNT Gunner in Australia. This yearling sire is a stand out, he is well muscled with plenty of length and depth. Homozygous red and homozygous poll. Potential stud sire. 

Lucky Clover Black Bowmore.jpg

LOT 471 
Lucky Clover Black Bowmore 

This yearling sire is a homozygous poll bull who is well structured with plenty of length. 

Lucky Clover Knock Out.jpg

LOT 204 
Lucky Clover Knock Out 

Knock Out is a bull that ticks all ticks all boxes for producers. He is a moderate, deep bodied, thick and well structured bull. 

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